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In vitro angiotensin converting enzyme inhibition activity of Mahogany, Swietenia mahogani (L. Jacq. 1760) leaf extract.


Franchezka Kayerielle  A. Gamboa,
Lord Pol  B. Liston

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Pharmacy Department/School of Health Care Professions - University of San Carlos

Publication Information

Publication Type
Thesis Degree
Publication Date
March 2018


The study examines the percent ACE inhibition of Swietenia mahogani ethanol extract through the ACE inhibitory assay by (Cushman and Cheung 1971) with a slight modification by Saputri et al.,(2015). The ethanol leaf extract Swietenia mahogani elicited angiotensin converting enzyme inhibition activity based on the significant ACE inhibition of test solutions, 25 mcg/mL yielding 60±0.79%, 50 mcg/mL with 66±0.82% and 100 mcg/mL with 72±0.52%, respectively. The results showed that as the concentration of the test solutions increases percent ACE inhibition also increased revealing a dose-dependent ACE inhibitory activity. The median inhibitory concentration (IC50) was at 0.52 mcg/mL implying that only half a microgram is needed to elicit 50% ACE inhibition activity.....


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