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Knowledge, attitude and practices on antibiotic use among the residents of Sitio Nasipit, Barangay Talamban, Cebu City.


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Pharmacy Department/School of Health Care Professions - University of San Carlos

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Thesis Degree
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July 2018


                The study aimed to assess the knowledge, attitude, and practices of antibiotic use among the residents of Sitio Nasipit. The descriptive study was conducted in May 2018 at the residences of Sitio Nasipit, Barangay Talamban, Cebu City. Data were collected using survey-typed questionnaires which were used for equal distribution to both male and female residents of any age. Randomized sampling methos wasd used for equal distribution. Frequency and weighted average were used and results were interpreted by using Likert's scale. Based on the gathered data, the study findings demonstrated that the respondents were slightly knowledgeable (4.15 out of 5) about antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance. Educational attainment was a factor that affects the knowledge on antibiotics among the residents of Sitio Nasipit since most of the respondents attained a high school degree and some were even college graduates. They have the basic knowledge and understanding about antibiotics. Furthermore, since Sitio Nasipit is located within an area filled with largely commercialized drugstores, the respondents were more exposed to awareness regarding proper use and acquisition of antibiotics. The respondents have slightly positive attitude (3.76 out o f 5) regarding antibiotic compliance and have neutral practices (2.63 out of 5) towards proper antibiotic use. Monthly salary and employment status affect the attitude and practices of the respondents towards antibiotic use. Majority of the respondents can hardly pay a visit to a doctor or purchase antibiotics due to financial constraints. This leads to a short fall in patient compliance. The researchers conclude that there is a need to educate the patients more about the proper use of antibiotics. Based on the results, the researchers found out that the respondents have high level of trust towards their doctors. Proper counseling can be taken advantage of to impart knowledge to the patient about rational antibiotic use and compliance since patients listen well to what their healthcare provider says. The gathered information and data may also be used for future references in educational and antibiotic resistance awareness campaigns and other studies related to antibiotic use.


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