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In vitro antiurolithiatic activity of Busikad Cyperus kyllingia (ROTTB, 1842) leaf extract.


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Pharmacy Department/School of Health Care Professions - University of San Carlos

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Thesis Degree
Publication Date
March 2018


     This study dealt with the determination of the antiurolithiatic activity of the ethanolic extract of fresh Cyperus kyllingia (Busikad) leaves. The plant is widely distributed as a weed and can easily be found in fresh soil. The constituents of the fresh leaves were extracted by maceration using 95% ethanol. The green extract was heated to dryness and underwent phytochemical screening which showed positive results for phenol and flavonoids, known to be the cause of its antiurolithiatic activity. Confirmation of antiurolithiatic activity was done using three methods - Nucleation assay, Aggregation assay and Dissolution Assay which target the primary steps of stone formation as well as dissolution of stone. In Nucleation assay, treatment groups D had the highest inhibition at 89.12±4.73. Aggregation assay had the highest inhibition at 85.11%±4.23. Dissolution assay had highest activity with treatment D at 87.19%±3.66. Results from the tests showed an increase inhibitory activity with increasing concentrations. The median inhibitory concentration of Cyperus kyllingia leaf extract for nucleation and aggregation was determined using linear regression analysis. The IC50 of the extract for crystal nucleation is 0.2831 mg/ml. The IC50 of crystal aggregation is 0.8056 mg/ml indicating that at this concentration the plant can have a fifty percent (50%) inhibitory activity. The median effective concentration of Cyperus kyllingia leaf extract for crystal dissolution was also determined using linear regression analysis. The EC50 of the leaf extract for crystal dissolution is 1.0132 mg/ml indicating a fifty percent (50%) effectivity at this concentration.


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